Zero Down Bail Bonds – The Capital Bail Bonds Difference

If you have ever bailed a friend or relative out of police custody, you will know how the process works. You pay a certain bail amount in cash, and the police let that person go. But what happens if you don’t have sufficient money in hand that will meet the bail amount? You will either have to let the person in police custody or come up with some other alternative to bail him/her out. There is one way that you can opt for known as property bond, but that is not a practical option. The value of the property is much more than the bail amount. So, that is probably the last option that you should think of.

Another option that you can go for is zero down bail bonds. This is one of the most affordable options that you have in hand. You will have to pay 10% of the total bail amount and release your friend or relative in jail. So, if the total bail amount is set at $500, you will have to pay $50. The issue is, the bail amount is not fixed for a level one or level two crime. Several factors are taken into consideration.

Things to know about Zero Down Bail Bonds

One of the reasons why bail amounts are not fixed is that the motive and outcome of the crime is checked first before deciding the amount. Moreover, repeat offenders have to pay more than a first-timer.

Texas has a very rigid system for deciding the bail amount. Many offenders are not able to pay the amount in full. That is why you should opt for the services of Capital Bail Bonds. They will arrange for the amount of money you need. The company has reliable resources to secure your quick release. No one wants to stay in jail but if it becomes an unavoidable situation if you are found guilty.

Capital Bail Bonds will come to your rescue as they have various competitive prices for jail release and bail bonds. If you have been convicted for the first time, you will not know what the legal process has to be followed. Capital Bail Bonds will take care of everything once you hire them. In addition to arranging for the money required for zero down bail bond, they will also make sure that all the legal procedures are followed correctly to minimize the emotional impact and financial burden on your family.